The Roxanna Story

Roxanna was founded in 1987 by Marlan W. Downey following his retirement as President of Pecten (Shell) International. As Marlan came out of retirement to join ARCO International as President, Roxanna remained active in evaluating and participating in North American oil and gas plays. Marlan retired from ARCO seven years later, entered academia as Bartell Professor of Geoscience at the University of Oklahoma, and Chief Scientist at the Sarkeys Energy Center and now has returned to Roxanna Oil Company as the Chairman of the Board.

In 2005 Julie Garvin become president of Roxanna.  Prior to joining Roxanna Julie was Geoscience Advisor, Worldwide Exploration for Marathon Oil Company.  Led by Julie, Roxanna’s royalty interests have grown to over 500,000 acres in various unconventional and conventional plays in the U.S.  In addition, the company has identified and executed major new play opportunities for its clients, resulting in acreage blocks of up to 250,000 acres for third party clients and partners.

Dr. Paul Gucwa joined Roxanna in 2013 as Executive Vice President and brings four decades of technical and project management experience to Roxanna.  Paul has had extensive North American E&P involvement with Marathon Oil Company, British Petroleum, Maritech Resources and Bahamas Petroleum.

Roxanna currently operates its first oil field in Nebraska and we encourage a review of our track record.  We have completed major projects with Shell, Matador Resources, Marathon Oil, Petrohunt, Kimmeridge Energy and AllianceBernstein, just to name a few.  Read more on our core business here.

Karen Downey has been in charge of Roxanna’s Charitable Foundation since 2013 and it is a matching gift program for our shareholders and employees to donate to charities of their choice that have a 501c3 status.  As our Chairman puts it, “The idea is to amplify the donations of our employees and shareholders while giving back in a manner that will do the most good.”


Company Timeline

1987: Roxanna founded by Marlan W. Downey.

1987- 1990:  Began taking farm out positions to grow the company.

1990 – 2000:  Continued to grow the company generating projects for our clients.

2000 – 2010:  Julie Garvin joined as President in 2005 and the company has seen multiples of growth since then in corporate assets, production and staff.

2010 – Present:  Alex and Nick, Marlan’s two sons joined as managers and formed the newly operating wing of Roxanna.  Paul Gucwa joined in 2013 as the Executive Vice President and has been instrumental in our continued success.