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Major Plays Generated


2016, Pendleton Field

Roxanna has acquired 12,000 acres in the Pendleton Field of Sabine Parish, Louisiana re-development project. Our plans are to drill horizontal wells in this highly fractured, vertically drilled field that was discovered in the early ‘60’s and has produced over 40 MMBO of 40o gravity crude at depths of 3,500’.

2015, Forrest City Basin

Roxanna operated the first horizontal well in the Fall City Field of Nebraska, doubling the total field production with this well. Using our understanding of complex reservoirs and our proprietary drilling and completion methodology, we were able to optimally steer our well, and complete in areas of unswept oil.

2014, Paradox Basin

Roxanna generated this large, 50,000 acre play targeting the Gothic and Hovenweep shales in the oil window of the Paradox basin while under contract with Kimmeridge Energy partners.  Kimmeridge drilled and cored two wells confirming large oil in place volumes from both the shales and adjacent carbonate members.  Kimmeridge has filed for horizontal drilling permits.

2013, Las Animas Arch

Roxanna identified a large, tight carbonate play targeting the Spergen dolomite on the Las Animas Arch.  Kimmeridge acquired over 50,000 and have taken over 300’ of core.

2013, New Albany Shale

Roxanna generated the New Albany shale play, during a time when the New Albany was only considered a shallow, biogenic gas play.   Over 85,000 acres have been leased and several horizontal wells have been drilled targeting both the New Albany and the Mississipian carbonates.

2009, Woodford Shale/Miss Lime Oil Play

Roxanna acquired an early entry position in the Woodford shale/Miss Lime play in Kingfisher Co, Oklahoma prior to any horizontal completions in the play.  Roxanna farmed out to Longfellow Energy who operates the project.  We currently have over 80 horizontal wells producing from primarily the Mississippi Lime in what is known today as the “Stack Play”.

2008, Marcellus Shale

Marathon Oil Company contracted Roxanna to find and develop a large-scale resource play in the Appalachian Basin in early 2007.  After evaluating numerous shales in the entire basin, Roxanna recommended the Marcellus shale as the best target in the basin. At the time, only three wells had produced from the Marcellus and the play had not yet been discovered by industry.  Marathon began leasing in 2007, and acquired approximately 80,000 acres in the play.

2008, Meade Peak Shale

Roxanna identified this gas-rich source rock play in 2006, and partnered with Matador Resources to acquire over 140,000 acres. Bill Barrett Corp, Gary Williams Exploration and Fortuna (Talisman) later acquired large positions surrounding this acreage. We have drilled and completed a horizontal test well in the shale and are evaluating the results.

2006, Chainman Shale

Roxanna leased approximately 40,000 acres in the Chainman shale of Nevada in 2006 after identifying this shale as a potential gas shale resource play. Roxanna’s leases were one of the first leases acquired in the play, and targeted the thickest portion of the shale. Our leases were sold to PetroHunt in the same year.

2006, Barnett Shale, Western Extension

In 2005, under contract to Shell, Roxanna identified an opportunity to acquire over 55,000 acres in the western extension of the Barnett in an area previously thought to be sub-mature. Shell later sold its interest for an undisclosed price, and Roxanna holds overriding royalties in approximately 25 wells in this area. The area is currently producing moderate to low rate gas with liquids.

2005, Barnett Shale, Johnson County

In 2005, Roxanna recognized the extension of the play into Johnson County prior to the area being highly explored. Roxanna Oil purchased royalty interests in over 30,000 acres. The investment paid out in less than three years, and the area continues to hold some of the highest rate wells in the Barnett play.